Things to do in Phuket

By Paula Parker

With so many things to do in Phuket, you will need a couple of weeks to see and do everything.

There is no doubting that the islands best attraction and main draw card is it’s natural beauty.

As there is no shortage of beautiful beaches, amazing viewpoints and lots of fun activities, fantastic shopping and the best nightlife entertainment you could wish for.

One of the best things to do in Phuket is a visit to Big Buddha

Over the years and with the increase in tourism there are so many new activities and an increasing list of fun and interesting attractions to see and do for people of all ages and budgets.

Family Fun Activities for Kids & Adults in Phuket

To make it easier to plan your list of things to do on your holiday vacation we have compiled a list of some of the new attractions, tours and our pick of the best things to do in Phuket.

Phuket Shopping Tours

Phuket Shopping Tours

Phuket Shopping Tours should be at the top of everyone’s list of things to do when planning a trip to Phuket.

With the introduction of these unique tours, visitors can now relax and enjoy guided shopping tours to some of the best shopping outlets in Phuket. Read more

Escape Rooms @ The Upside Down House in Phuket 

Inside the escape rooms @ the Upside Down House Phuket

The Escape Rooms @ the Upside Down House is the only escape game now operating in Phuket.

This fun and engaging escape game is ideal for families of all ages or groups of friends. Read More

Upside Down House in Phuket

The Upside Down House in Phuket

Upside Down House & Maze in Phuket also known as Baan Teelanka is an attraction unlike any other in Phuket.

The three storey house is purposely designed and built to give you the impression that you are upside down.

This wacky new attraction in Phuket is sure to turn a few heads and will be ideal for a fun day out with the kids or as a rainy day activity.
Read more

Adventurous Activities in Phuket

If your looking for adventure, there is no shortage of adventurous activities in Phuket.  Below is our ever growing list of adventurous things to do in Phuket.

Phuket Treetops Adventure Park

Xtreme Adventures Phuket

Xtreme Adventures is a tree top adventure park located near Big Buddha.

This is one of the best outdoor activities for challenging your mates, a fun and exciting day out with the kids or a great team building activity. Read More

White Water Rafting

White Water Rafting from Phuket

White Water Rafting is another adventurous activity for the young at heart.

White Water rafting is not exactly in Phuket; you will have to join a tour and travel north to Phang Nga Province. The best time to go is during or just after the rainy season. Read more

Zorb Balling

Zorb Balling in Phuket

Zorb Balling will certainly add some excitement and lots of laughs to your holiday vacation.

This is one of the best activities and things to do and is perfect on a rainy day. Zorb balling is suitable for kids and adults alike. Read more

Bungy Jumping

Bungy Jumping in Phuket

Bungy Jumping is only for those looking for an adrenalin rush.

This is not one of our favorite activities to do, but for many others it is the ultimate in extreme sports.
There were two bungy jumps in Phuket, however one has closed permanently and the other is currently closed for renovations. Read more

Helicopter Tours

Phuket Heli Tours

Phuket Helicopter Tours are a fun and scenic experience.

If you want to explore Phuket from above these helicopter tours are and the best way for you to see the sights of Phuket and the amazing scenery of the offshore islands. Read More

Things to do in Phuket in and on the water

Phuket has no shortage of water activities, this is our list of the best things to do in Phuket in and on the water.

Private Speedboat Charters

Private Speedboat Charters in Phuket

Private Speed Boat Charters are perfect for day trips and the best way to take in the natural beauty of the islands around Phuket.

A day trip on-board a private speed boat will ensure a relaxing day, where you can enjoy island hopping and snorkelling, without the mass crowds. Read more

Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving in Phuket

Scuba Diving around the offshore islands is fantastic!

So if you are looking for some adventurous activities to do in the water, why not check out some of the great
dive sites located close by.
You can read about our personal experience diving with
Phuket Scuba Club.

Phuket Sailing Tours

Phuket Sailing Tours

Sailing Tours and day trips are a fun and enjoyable way to explore the offshore islands around Phuket.

These tours are so good that they rate in the top 10 of things to do in Phuket. Read more

Explore the offshore Islands

Offshore Islands around Phuket

The Islands around Phuket are simply stunning!

The offshore Islands are one of the best attractions, and should be on the top of everyone's list of things to see and do when holidaying in Phuket. Read more

Phuket Yacht Charter

Phuket Yacht Charter Holidays

Phuket Yacht Charter Holidays are perfect for visitors planning a special getaway, or looking for something unique to do when holidaying in Thailand.

For more information about the yachts and tours you can read more about them here .

Visit a Water Park

Waterparks in Phuket

If the heat is getting too much and you want a change of scenery from the beach, there are three sizable water parks and two smaller water parks that provide an aquatic playground for the little kids in Phuket. 
The water parks are great for all ages, with slides, wave pools, lazy rivers, flow riders and splash zones. Read more here

Beaches in Phuket

Explore the beaches in Phuket

 Phuket Beaches combined with the fantastic whether are the main draw card that brings travelers to the island year after year.

The beaches are where you will find lots of fun activities to do, including windsurfing, para-sailing, snorkeling, relaxing beach massages and so much more

Hire a Jet Ski

Phuket Jet skis

There are also jet skis in which you can hire, but only if your game.

Read this before you decide to hire a jet ski in Phuket.

Fun Things to do in Phuket with Kids

If your planning to take your kids to Phuket for a holiday you will be pleasantly surprised, there are loads of fun things to do with kids in Phuket. 

The Kids Club Phuket

The kids club Phuket

The Kids Club Phuket is an indoor adventure playground for kids.

There are so many activities here that
the kids will be amused for hours on end.
The kids are well cared for and fully supervised at all times. Read more

Elephant Sanctuaries

Elephant trekking in Phuket

Elephant Trekking in Phuket was once an extremely popular activity for visitors.

Over the last few years this has started to change with the introduction of elephant sanctuaries.  

Have a look at some of the best sanctuaries in Phuket. Read more

Phuket Adventure Mini Golf

Phuket adventure Mini Golf

Phuket Adventure Mini Golf is a well laid out, challenging 18 hole miniature golf course at Bangtao Beach.

The course comes complete with water hazards and bunkers, an onsite restaurant and bar. Read more.

Go Kart Speedway

Go Kart Speedway in Patong

The Go Kart Speedway near Patong is a fun spot to spend a couple of hours for the whole family.

A great place to entertain the kids and the big kids too. Read more

Dino Park Mini Golf

Dino Park Mini Golf Phuket

Dino Park Mini Golf is great for the whole family.

You can enjoy a fun couple of hours playing a round of Putt Putt or a top spot for a family night out, with a lovely restaurant that the kids will truly enjoy. Read More

Phuket Aquarium

Phuket Aquarium

Phuket Aquarium is great for those travelling with small kids.

Or for those who are interested in seeing a variety of sea life including species of endangered sea turtles that are hatched and breed before being returned to the sea. Read more

Butterfly Garden

Butterfly Garden in Phuket

Phuket Butterfly Garden Sanctuary provides loads of fun for the little kids.

The butterfly sanctuary has
a fantastic range of butterflies, where the kids can learn about the lifecycle of a butterfly. 
Read more

Phuket Zoo

Phuket Zoo

Phuket Zoo is probably not one of the best things to do in Phuket and it certainly isn’t one of our favorites.

The zoos main attraction is the monkey, elephant and crocodile shows. Read more

Cultural Attractions & Interesting Things to do in Phuket

Phuket City Tours

Phuket City Tours

Phuket City Tours is both an educational and interesting experience, and one tour that should be included on your list of things to do in Phuket.

This historical tour will take you into Old Phuket Town where you can experience the cultural diversity, architecture and cuisine in Phuket City. Read more

Phuket Viewpoints

Windmill Viewpoint in Phuket

Phuket Viewpoints offer amazing views and stunning scenery!

There is a nice selection of viewpoints to visit in Phuket.
Some of our favorites include Big Buddha, Promthep Cape, Karon Viewpoint, along with many more


Temples in Phuket

Temples In Phuket are a both interesting and spectacular, especially Wat Chalong the most visited temple on the island. 

Visitors to Phuket are always welcome to visit the Temples.
Read More

Cashew Nut Factory

Cashew Nut Factory in Phuket

The Cashew Nut Factory is perfect for cashew lovers, here you can taste test a fantastic selection of yummy flavoured cashews and sample the interesting tasting cashewy juice.

The Cashew nut is a native produce that is grown in Phuket and other provinces of Southern Thailand.
Read more

Fantasea Cultural Theme Park

Phuket Fantasea

Phuket Fantasea is a cultural theme park that offers the ultimate in night time entertainment.

The theme park is well suited for the whole family, and full of Thailand's rich and exotic heritage. Read more

Simon Cabaret Show

Simon Cabaret Show Phuket

Simon Cabaret Show is a spectacular musical floor show featuring stunning costumes, performed by some of the most beautiful lady-boys from around the island.

It’s flamboyant and fun and if you have never been before, is well worth adding to your list of things to do in Phuket at night. Read more

 Recreational Activities in Phuket

If your feeling energetic you might want to check out some the recreational activities and things to do in Phuket.

Freshwater Fishing

Freshwater Fishing in Phuket

Freshwater Fishing Park is an ideal spot for fishing enthusiasts and nature lovers alike.

The fishing park is a top spot for a day out for the whole family.
Read more

Horse Riding

Horse Riding in Phuket

Horse Riding is a relaxing and romantic thing to do in Phuket, especially along the beaches on sunset.

So grab your partner and enjoy watching the sunset over the ocean as you canter along the beach. Read more

Golf in Phuket

Phuket Golf

Phuket Golf Courses are abundant, not to mention first rate.

So if you’re a keen golfer there is no reason that you can’t enjoy a round or two of golf during your holiday vacation. Read more

Free things to do in Phuket 

Free things to do in Phuket

We also have a small list of interesting and free things to do in Phuket.

You may have been thinking “what is there to do on the island apart from going to the beach”?

But, after reading all of the above you will soon realize that there is so many things to do in Phuket, you will need another week if not months to do it all.

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