Upside Down House and a Maze in Phuket

By Paula Parker

The Upside Down House in Phuket is unlike any other attractions that you are likely to find on the Island, in fact anywhere in Thailand!

This wacky attraction in Phuket is sure to turn a few heads and will be ideal for a fun day out with the kids or as a rainy day activity.

The Upside Down House in Phuket also known as Baan Teelanka

The house also known in Thai as “Baan Teelanka” opened its doors in 2014.

So if you’re planning a trip to Phuket you might want to add this eccentric and somewhat unusual attraction to your list of things to do and see.

The three storey house is purposely designed and built to give you the impression that you are upside down!

Just imagine walking into a house with all the usual furniture and fittings but unlike any normal house, the ceiling is actually the floor and the floor is the ceiling.

You will literally be walking on the ceiling under the furniture and other household items that hang from overhead.

Whilst “Baan Teelanka” is the first upside down house in Thailand, there are other upside down houses built around the world.

If the topsy – turvy house isn’t enough to play games with your mind, just wait until you walk outside and see the grounds and another mind boggling attraction called A Maze in Phuket.

A Maze in Phuket at Baan Teelanka

The 950sqm garden maze has been designed by the acclaimed maze designer Adrian Fisher from the United Kingdom and is also the first of its kind in Phuket which is sure to be a hit especially with the kids.

The owner and operator of Baan Teelanka is husband and wife team Alex Riva, a Swiss National and his Phuket born wife Wah.

Both Alex and Wah have worked within the tourism and hospitality industry throughout Thailand and South East Asia for many years, so they are no strangers to the industry or Phuket.

We are looking forward to visiting the Upside Down House and A Maze in Phuket for ourselves during our upcoming holiday to Phuket, so stay tuned for some interesting photos of the weird and wonderful creation.

Opening Hours

Once opened the Baan Teelanka and A Maze in Phuket will be open daily from 10.00 am – 6.00pm.

There is an onsite café with free WiFi available to upload and share your pics, as well as a souvenir shop.

Upside Down House Entry Fee's

The entry fee for each of these attractions is very reasonable, you can either see both attractions or if time is limited just visit one.

The below prices are current as of the March 2020.

Upside Down House  

Adults -  350 Baht

Kids aged 4 -11 years -  190 Baht

A Maze in Phuket      

Adults – 170 Baht

Kids aged 4 – 11 years - 120 Baht


You will find Baan Teelanka and A Maze in Phuket located between the Premium Outlet Shopping Mall and Siam Niramit on the Bypass Road.

Just keep an eye out for the house that is upside down.

After business hours the Baan Teelanka is also available for private functions, so if you’re looking to hold a private party, celebration or corporate event you can contact Alex and Wah for more details.

Photo's courtesy of Baan Teelanka

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