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Phuket news stories can be hard, if not impossible to find in your local newspaper.

That is unless you are lucky enough live on the Island!

If you're like us, and want to know what's happening on and around the island, you can easily read it here on our news page.

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Our Phuket news page feature the major stories that Google news pulls together from a local news source in Phuket.

This search box allows you to search for any local news on any topic about Phuket.

This is where the fun begins.... If like you can to play reporter and editor, too!

Yes, you can comment on the news and even add your own Phuket news.

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Phuket News Stories from Local Sources

Read the latest news stories from a leading local newspaper in Phuket.

It's easy to use, just type in the search box what you are interested in and the results will appear below.

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