Phuket Jet Ski Scams


Patong Beach Jet Ski Operators

Patong Beach Jet Ski Operators

Patong Beach Jet Ski Operators Jet Ski Operator Jet ski operator before driving his ski up onto the beach Jet ski operator giving instructions to the unlucky first timers.

I witnessed a jet ski scam in the making at Laem Singh beach.

The jet ski was damaged a tiny bit and the guy wanted 5 times what it would cost to fix, plus loss of earnings.

The Tourist police were called and several hrs later the tourist was paying the real cost and not the inflated scam one!!

So, if you are getting scammed call the tourist police who are usually very fair and helpful!

Thanks to the team at for their tips.

Personally, we have also witnessed the jet ski scam in operation.

One jet ski operator at Patong Beach launched his ski up onto the beach, just missing beach chairs and trailers parked on the beach.

About an hour later a Japanese couple took the jet ski out and on their return were questioned about supposed damages to the ski.

If you do hire a jet ski, make sure you look over the ski before taking it out and if you have any concerns take pictures or simply just don't hire the ski.

You will also find many stories reported of Jet ski operators claiming damages reported by the local online newspaper the Phuket Wan.

This story was reported on the 11th October.
Go to phuket-tourists-irked-jet-ski-extra-payment

This young tourist managed to record his experience and how the jet ski operators claim for damages.

Don"t say you haven't been warned.

Beware the Jet ski scam is not just isolated to Phuket beaches, this video was shot at Pattaya another popular Thailand beach.

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Apr 15, 2015
Great information of all time
by: Christopher M. Ramirez

At last I have found something from this post.

Oct 12, 2012
Stay away!
by: Sam Wilko

Simply stay away from this scam if you don't want to lose up to 50,000 baht and don't for one second think the police will protect you: they're in on it too!

Feb 29, 2012
Or Don't Rent One
by: timinphuket

Not renting a jet ski is the easiest and best option....

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