Phi Phi Island Hotels: Amazing Hotels to Stay at in 2024

By Paula Parker

Phi Phi Island hotels provide visitors to the Island with a variety of accommodation options to suit a range of budgets and tastes, from cozy beach bungalows to luxury 5-star resorts.

Whether you're a savvy budget traveler, a family traveling with kids, or a couple looking for romance, you won’t have any trouble finding a hotel that suits your taste at Ko Phi Phi.

All Phi Phi Island Hotels and Resorts are on the larger Island of Phi Phi Don.

Phi Phi Island Hotels - Where to stay at Ko Phi Phi

If you are planning to stay overnight in a Phi Phi Island hotel, resort, or bungalow on your next holiday vacation, then you will be happy to know that there is a fantastic selection of places to stay.

Accommodation on the Island ranges from sustainable luxury resorts that guarantee the absolute best for a luxury vacation to a good mix of mid-ranged priced hotels, resorts, bungalows, and cheap backpacker-style accommodations.

With so many hotels and resorts to choose from, it can be hard to decide on the best place to stay.

Throughout our Phi Phi mini guide, we aim to provide you with information and travel tips about the Island, which will help you pick the right resort or hotel in the location that best suits you.

Before choosing your Phi Phi Island Hotel ensure you understand where everything is situated on Phi Phi Don, as certain areas of the Island are busier and noisier than others at night.

Here is a brief overview of areas to stay on Ko Phi Phi Don.

Phi Phi Island Hotel Travel Tips: Areas to Stay at on Ko Phi Phi

Tonsai Bay

Tonsai Bay is the main arrival and departure point on Koh Phi Phi. Whilst the area is busy there is a good range of hotels located close to the pier as well as around both sides of Tonsai Bay.

Tonsai Village

Tonsai Village is where all the action is, with its bars, coffee shops, shopping, restaurants, and nightlife activities. If you are after a peaceful location this may not be the area where you want to stay as it can get very noisy at night. However, if you're looking to party Tonsai Village is the place to be.

For a full list of Hotels located around Tonsai Bay and Tonsai Village click here 

Loh Dalum Bay

Loh Dalum Bay is stunning, with its white sandy beach and turquoise waters. Without a doubt, Loh Dalum Beach has one of the most scenic views looking out from the beach and is located just a stone's throw from all the activities at Tonsai Village.

Loh Dalum Bay is one of the best areas for the budget traveler, with a central location close to everything including, the beach, restaurants shopping, and nightlife.

For a full list of hotels located at Loh Dalum Bay click here

Long Beach

Long Beach is on the eastern side of Tonsai Bay, providing visitors with a more relaxing stay but with the benefit of only being a short longtail boat ride to the village. If you are feeling energetic throughout the day you can walk to Tonsai Village.

Best area for couples or families wanting a quiet slice of paradise.

For a full list of hotels located at Long Beach click here

Laem Tong Beach

Laem Tong Beach is located at the Northeastern tip of the island; the area is stunning and is the ultimate destination if you are looking for a romantic getaway, or you just want to relax on a tranquil beach, away from the crowds.
The Hotels and resorts around Laem Tong are more upmarket than what you will find in Tonsai Village.

For a full list of hotels located at Laem Tong Beach click here

Please Note: If you do choose to stay at one of the Phi Phi Island hotels or resorts at Laem Tong Beach you will need to rely on boat transfers to get around.

Over the years, we have stayed at multiple Phi Phi Island Hotels and Resorts and have written reviews for those hotels, which for us have all offered excellent value for money and allowed us to experience various locations on the Island. You can read more about some of these hotels below.

Phi Phi Island Hotels & Resorts


Zeavola Resort

Zeavola Beachfront 2020

Zeavola Resort is a barefoot luxury sustainable resort, found on the beautiful beachfront of Laem Tong Beach on the northeast tip of Ko Phi Phi Don.

This rustic five-star resort is an ideal hotel for couples looking for a romantic and relaxing island getaway with a choice of amazing beachfront villas, standalone pool villas, and suites. Read more

Phi Phi Holiday Resort

Phi Phi Holiday Resort

Phi Phi Holiday Resort is amazing; the resort is also situated at Laem Tong Beach and is ideal for couples looking for a romantic getaway or a family beach vacation.
The resort caters to all visitors boasting four swimming pools, a kids' club, beachfront restaurants, bars, and a great selection of villas and suites, including pool villas, beachfront villas, and 2-bedroom villas. Read More  

Phi Phi The Beach Resort

Phi Phi the Beach Resort

Phi Phi The Beach Resort is a 3-star resort.
The resort is situated at Long Beach, nestled into the hillside with breathtaking views of Tonsai Bay and the picturesque Phi Phi Ley. The resort has three swimming pools a 5 Star Padi diving centre and a beachfront restaurant. Read More.

Phi Phi Villa Resort

Phi Phi Villa Resort at Tonsai Bay

Phi Phi Villa Resort is a great mid-range priced resort, set in a fantastic location at the end of Tonsai Bay.
Whilst the resort is within easy walking distance to all the restaurants, shops, and nightlife in Tonsai Village it is far enough away for a relaxing stay.  Read More.

PP Casita

PP Casita at Loh Dalum Bay, Ko Phi Phi

PP Casita offers terrific value for money, perfect for those on a budget.
The location of the resort is excellent, only sixty metres from Loh Dalum Bay but close to all the action in Tonsai Village.
This adults-only resort features hotel rooms and bungalows as well as an onsite swimming pool.  Read More

The above Phi Phi Island Hotels are just a sneak peek of what is available, you can see a full list of Phi Phi Island hotels and resorts below. All you need to do is add your dates to see what hotels and resorts are available for the dates you intend to stay at Ko Phi Phi.

We hope you enjoy your stay at Ko Phi Phi.

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