Resorts and Hotels in Krabi

By Paula Parker

There is a wide range of hotels in Krabi Province, from up market, 5 star, luxury hotels and resorts that guarantee the very best of facilities and services to resorts that cater for fun and relaxing family vacations.

The majority of the hotels and resorts in Krabi Province are centred around the main tourist areas, on or near the picturesque west coast beaches.

The best thing we have personally found about traveling in Thailand is that you don’t need to spend a fortune on overpriced resorts and hotels to enjoy yourself.

There are many places to stay in Krabi that offer cheap hotel rooms in budget style accommodation, the prices although cheaper still provide you a clean and secure place to stay.

Resorts & Hotels in Krabi

Where to Stay in Krabi

To help you decide where to stay we have selected several different hotels in Krabi.

The following hotels along with many other resorts offer great value for money.

As well as being set in the best locations with a range of good amenities with access to attractions and activities around Krabi.

The resorts and hotels in Krabi that we have listed below are sorted by location from the tranquil west coast beaches in the north to the stunning southern beaches within the Railay Peninsular, with links to information and travel tips about the particular areas.

Just click on the image to find out more about a specific resort or hotel in Krabi.

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Resorts & Hotels in Krabi by Location

Tubkaak Beach Resorts and Hotels in Krabi

Tubkaak Beach is a tranquil destination in Krabi with a range of quality upmarket luxury resorts and boutique hotels located on the beachfront. Read more about Tubkaak Beach here.

Tubkaak is an ideal destination for romantic getaways, or for a quiet escape in a gorgeous location away from the crowds of Ao Nang and the Railay beaches.

Klong Muang Beach Resorts and Hotels

Klong Muang Beach is picturesque with beautiful views across to the offshore islands. More about the area

There is a good selection of places to stay including upmarket, luxury five star resorts and hotels to a range of cheap hotel rooms and bungalows.

Nopparat Thara Beach Resorts and Hotels in Krabi

Nopparat Thara Beach is a long and picturesque beach, the area closest to Ao Nang is the most developed.  Read more

There is a good selection of hotels along the beach road and many budget bungalows with cheap hotel rooms set further back from the beach.

Ao Nang Beach Resorts and Hotels

Ao Nang Beach is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Krabi and is perfect for family vacations, romantic getaways or as a base for those who want to explore all of Krabi’s interesting and beautiful attractions both onshore and offshore. Read more

Ao Nang boasts the most developed facilities and has a fantastic range of cheap hotel rooms and affordable hotels in Krabi that are well priced to suit all budgets.

Ton Sai Beach Resorts and Hotels in Krabi 

Ton Sai Beach is located just south of Ao Nang, a top spot for rock climbers and a popular destination in Krabi for backpackers. Read more

There is a range of cheap hotel rooms in budget style accommodation which include bungalows and bamboo style huts. The only way to gain access to this climbing mecca is by boat.

West Railay Beach Resorts and Hotels

West Railay Beach is the most popular beach within the Railay Peninsula. As there are no roads the only way to access these hotels in Krabi’s Railay Peninsula is by longtail boat. Read more

There is only a limited selection of hotels on the beachfront; however they are priced to suit all budgets.

East Railay Beach Resorts & Hotels in Krabi

Whilst East Railay beach itself doesn’t have the beautiful beaches like West Railay and Phra Nang beaches. Read more

It still attracts many visitors as this is where the majority of affordable low cost accommodation is located.

There is a good variety to choose from, ranging from cheap bungalows to affordable resorts and hotels in Krabi that are priced to suit all budgets.

Krabi Mini Travel Guide

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