The Best Area To Stay In Phuket For A Family Of Five Apart From Patong

(Adelaide, Australia)

Karon Beach

Karon Beach


We are going on a family holiday to Phuket in July.

At the moment we are thinking of staying at the Moevenpick Resort at Karon Beach for 7 nights.

Or alternatively breaking it up, and staying 4 nights at the Moevenpick Resort at Karon Beach and then having 3 nights at the Moevenpick Resort at Bang Tao Beach.

This will be our first trip to Phuket so we are looking for the best mix of locals and accommodation.

We have three boys aged 7, 11 and 13 years of age.

What would you recommend?



I think it is a great idea for you and your family to break up your family holiday by staying at a couple of different areas during your time in Phuket.

Especially as it is your first holiday to the Island.

The kids will also enjoy the change of scenery and it will feel like two holidays in one.

By changing locations you will get the feel of the different areas on the Island while exploring areas that you wouldn’t see if you stay in just the one location.

We often break our holiday up and on occasions have been known to stay in 4 or 5 different resorts in just one trip.

Both Karon Beach and Bang Tao Beach are both excellent locations for a family holiday, and we have had the pleasure of staying at both these areas with our own kids and can highly recommend them.

Karon Beach is one of our favorite spots, it can still be busy, however as it will be the low season it won’t be overcrowded.

There are lots of eateries and restaurant located close by and if your boys like to play put put, they might like to go to Dino Park mini golf.

Our kids are grown up now but they still enjoy going there for a game, if you do go it is best to go in the evening as it gets very hot through the day.

Bang Tao Beach is lovely it has a different atmosphere then Karon or Kata beach and a totally different atmosphere then Patong.

The Moevenpick Resort at Karon and the Moevenpick at Bang Tao are both excellent resorts that have everything you will need for a family holiday, most importantly they both have fantastic swimming pools.

I say this mainly because you are traveling to Phuket in the monsoon season.

Whilst the weather is usually very good in July, the beaches along Phuket’s west coast during the monsoon season can at times be too dangerous to go swimming.

If you see a red flag on the beach it means that the beach is closed and you can’t go swimming, so a good swimming pool is a must at this time of the year and both of these resorts have that well covered.

I also noticed from your headline that you would prefer not to stay in Patong, and I can totally understand why.

We have stayed in Patong on numerous occasions but to be totally honest we much prefer these days to stay at one of the quieter beaches and only go into Patong to catch up with friends or if we want to do some shopping at JungCeylon.

I don’t want to confuse you by giving you a heap of different resorts to choose from, as I feel that you have picked two very good family friendly resorts and two great locations.

I hope this information is helpful and you and your family have a fantastic holiday in Phuket.

Happy & Safe Travels

Paula & Jeff

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