Phuket Weather Month By Month Guide

By Paula Parker

What is the Weather like each month in Phuket?

Phuket weather is tropical and warm throughout the whole year making it a perfect destination for a family vacation.

Most countries have four seasons, summer, autumn, winter and spring.

Where as Phuket has only two seasons!

Phuket’s seasons are the south west monsoon season and the north east monsoon season.

Phuket Weather

Depending on what activities you would like to do on your holiday vacation in Phuket, will determine the best and most suitable time for your vacation on this tropical Island.

North East Monsoon Season

If you want to spend your days relaxing on the beach you would be best to take your vacation during the north east monsoon season.

During this time of the year there is little chance of rain, the skies are clear and the sea is flat with lower humidity.

This is known as the high season or dry season in Phuket.

Unfortunately in the high season and with the brilliant Phuket weather, comes the higher prices, resorts and hotels are usually booked up and charge top prices for accommodation.

Shopping for a bargain gets harder as the street vendors are asking top prices as well.

The north east monsoon season starts in November and goes through until April.

South East Monsoon Season

May is generally the start of the south west monsoon season which goes through until October.

This season is also known as the low or wet season.

The winds come from the south west bringing on average more rain.

With the wind coming directly onto the west facing beaches of Phuket, means that the beaches are at times too rough and dangerous to swim in.

For the latest weather updates, check the current Phuket weather, as well as the long range 5 Day weather forecast and the 15 Day Phuket weather forecast.

There are many advantages of taking a holiday in Phuket throughout the low season, firstly everything is much cheaper.

Hotels and Resorts have lots of great bargains as they're all competing for a limited number of visitors.

With less people visiting Phuket at this time of the year the street vendors are much easier to negotiate with, allowing you to get some great shopping bargains.

Overall it is much cheaper to spend your holiday vacation in Phuket during the low season and you do get good value for money.

It just means that some days during your vacation you may have to swim in your resorts swimming pool instead of at the beach.

Red FlagRed Flag
No swimming signNo swimming

If you see a red flag on the beach, please don't enter the water as it means that it is not safe to swim.

Month by Month Phuket Weather Guide

Weather in Phuket in January

January is a perfect time for a family beach vacation in Phuket, the seas are flat offering lots of fun activities for the kids at the beach.

There is little chance of rain and lower humidity.

The average temperature in January is approximately 23 - 32 degrees.

This is the peak tourist season, resort and hotel rates are higher and the beaches get very crowded.

Phuket Weather in February

The weather in February is much the same as January, with little chance of rain.

On average February has the lowest amount of rainfall, humidity is low and the seas are calm.

The average temperature is approximately 23 - 33 degrees.

Weather in Phuket in March

By the end of March the weather in Phuket starts to warm up, getting rather hot through the day.

The average temperature for March is approximately 23 - 33 degrees.

There is very little rain although there maybe brief showers towards the end of the month that will bring a nice welcome relief from the heat.

The main tourist areas are still rather busy.

Stunning weather at Patong Beach in March

Phuket Weather in April

April is generally one of the hottest months in Phuket.

The average temperature is approximately 24 - 34 degrees.

Towards the end of the month there is a chance of some heavy but brief rain showers.

Many visitors choose to visit Phuket in April to experience the Songkran Festival that is held on the 13th of April.

Hot days and calm seas at Karon Beach in April.

Weather in Phuket in May

May is usually the start of the rainy season, but not always at the start of the month.

The humidity is high and day time temperatures are hot, similar to that of April.

The average temperature for May is approximately 24 - 33 degrees.

May can be one of the wettest months; however this can change from year to year and some years there is no rain.

The crowds are thinning out and the resorts and hotels start to drop their prices, an ideal time to visit Phuket.

Towards the end of May, the sea starts to change so keep an eye out for the red flags on the beaches. If you see them don't go in the water.

Red Flag
No swimming sign

Phuket Weather in June

June is a very quiet month in Phuket; the average temperature is 24 - 32 degrees.

If you visit Phuket during June you will enjoy cheap off season rates, there is a chance of rainy periods but they are usually just a quick downpour.

Red Flag
No swimming sign

Weather in Phuket in July

During July there maybe short downpours and many days without any rain.

The average temperature in July is 23 - 31 degrees.

The sea is starting to produce bigger waves.

There is still great bargains around and low room rates in July.

Red Flag
No swimming sign

Phuket Weather in August

On average August has less rainfall than June and July and is not a bad time to visit Phuket.

The average temperature is approximately 22 – 30 degrees.

There maybe brief downpours, with sun in between.

Red Flag
No swimming sign

Weather in Phuket in September

September is on average the wettest month of the year, with high humidity.

There are frequent storms; however there are also lots of clear days.

The average temperature is approximately 22 – 30 degrees.

The rain can be fairly heavy, with strong winds at times; however they don’t usually last all day.

This is a very affordable time to visit Phuket with resorts and hotels still offering great room rates.

Beaches are at times to dangerous to swim in.

Red Flag
No swimming sign

Phuket Weather brings rough seas in mid September

Phuket Weather in October

On average October can also be one of the wettest months in Phuket.

The start of October is similar to September, with the occasional storm and brief downpour.

The average temperature in October is approximately 22 -30 degrees.

From around the second week in October the weather starts to change and the seas start to calm down.

This is a perfect time to enjoy your vacation in Phuket, as the resorts and hotels don’t put their high season prices up until November.

We find this a lovely time to visit Phuket, tourist numbers are still low and street vendors are still willing to negotiate.

Red Flag
No swimming sign

Brilliant Phuket Weather at Karon Beach in mid October

Weather in Phuket in November

November is the official start to the high season; humidity is lower with much less rain.

The average temperature in November is 23 -31 degrees and the seas are calm again.

Tourist numbers are starting to increase and so are the resort and hotel prices.

Negotiating bargains with street vendors become much more difficult.

Weather in Phuket in December

December is one of the busiest months to be in Phuket on vacation.

With many Europeans trying to escape their cold winter to enjoy the warm Phuket weather, and Australian’s taking advantage of the long summer school holidays.

Humidity is low and the average temperature in December is 22 – 31 degrees.

Perfect weather for a family vacation, as long as you don’t mind crowds.

There is a slight chance of rain, however if it does rain it will be brief.

With so many people visiting Phuket during December it is advisable to book your accommodation well in advance.

Plan Your Holiday Around Phuket Weather

When booking your holiday vacation to Phuket there is always uncertainty about the weather, still this goes for most holiday destinations.

No matter where you go it may rain, however Phuket has lots of interesting places to see and things to do and a host of rainy day activities to keep everyone happy.

One thing you can be sure about with the Phuket weather, is that you will never be cold.

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