Traditional Thailand Wedding Ceremony in Phuket

By Paula Parker

Traditional Thailand Wedding Package

A traditional Thailand wedding in Phuket is a spectacular display of colours, sounds and rituals that reflects the rich Thai culture.

The Buddhist blessing ceremony has evolved over hundreds of years, and is the most spiritual and symbolic of all marriages.

Thailand Wedding

A Traditional Thailand wedding is perfect for couples who have an attraction to the rituals of Buddhism, or simply want to experience a little of the local Thai culture and traditions of Thailand, which is unlike any western ceremony. 

Combine all those traditions with the intimacy of a secluded and peaceful setting, this traditional Thailand wedding package will ensure that your ceremony will remain forever etched in your hearts and minds.

This traditional Thailand wedding can be organized at many locations, however keep in mind that certain surroundings are more appropriate than others.

There are various beautiful locations, temples and other venues in and around Phuket that would be perfect for your traditional Thai ceremony. One in particular is Wat Chalong, Phuket's most visited temple, however there are other temples in Phuket that are more suited for your special day without the crowds.

Our professional wedding planner will assist you in finding the best venue for your traditional Thailand wedding in Phuket.

Traditional Thai Wedding blessing
Water Blessing at a Thai wedding in Phuket

"Thai ceremonies add a sense of charm & romance"

The ceremony historically begins with the groom leading the “Long Drum Parade” with dancers and musicians.

The groom performs several traditional Thai rituals before meeting the bride, who will be dressed in traditional Thai dress and waiting for the groom in a secret place.

Once the two join they will receive the monks Buddhist blessing. 

Following the Buddhist blessing by the monks the couple will move to the altar, where they kneel together, and a holy string is draped from one persons head to the other, forming a circle to connect the two.

Following this ritual all guest will pour holy water over the couple’s hands as a symbol of good luck.

After the water blessing ceremony the couple will sign the wedding certificate.

The wedding planner will guide you through the whole ceremony with explanations so you and your partner make the most of your blessing.

Thailand Wedding Package Inclusions

  • Pre ceremonial meeting with the wedding planner about all ceremony steps
  • Hair and make-up for the bride
  • Traditional Thai costumes for both the Bride and the Groom
  • Flower garlands for the couple
  • Flower bouquet for bride
  • Traditional Thai Dancers and musicians
  • Decorations and flower arrangements
  • Thai wedding ceremonial table with traditional flowers
  • Traditional “Kan Mark” Procession
  • Blessing by 5 Monks
  • Ring exchange ceremony
  • Water blessing ceremony
  • Wedding Cake
  • Champagne 
  • Professional Wedding Photographer
  • Photos with online link

Wedding Finance

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