Nai Thorn Beach

Secluded & Peaceful Nai Thon Noi

Nai Thorn Beach is one of the most romantic and secluded destinations in Phuket.

The beach itself is only rather small, however with it’s white sand and crystal clear waters it’s simply stunning.

Nai Thorn Beach, Phuket

I would have to say that Nai Thorn is among one of the cleanest beaches in Phuket and the perfect setting for a private beach wedding or romantic getaway in Phuket.

This small and secluded beach was used as a backdrop for the movies; "The Beach and The Quest".

Nai Thorn Beach is located just to the north of Banana Beach one of the best hidden beaches in Phuket, and just south of Nai Thon Beach on the south west coast of Phuket.

Nai Thorn is also known as Nai Thon Noi, and as the name suggests is somewhat smaller then the neighboring Nai Thon beach just to the north.

During the low season this beach along with many of Phuket’s west coast beaches can be at times too dangerous to go swimming, so for your own safety if you see a red flag on the beach don’t go in the water.

All beaches in Phuket are public beaches, and this one is no exception, however the beachfront is occupied by the Andaman White Beach Resort.

Hotels and Resorts at Nai Thorn Beach

The Andaman White Beach Resort

The Andaman White Beach Resort is the only resort located on this beautiful beach.

The Resort is situated on the hillside with views overlooking the ocean.

This upmarket five star resort features a range of fantastic beachfront pool villas, deluxe sea view suites with Jacuzzi’s and two bedroom suites which are ideal when traveling with the kids.

Facilities at the Andaman White Beach Resort include a large swimming pool that overlooks the beach, a water sports center and a fully equipped gym. Read more

Nai Thorn Beach Activities

The Andaman White Beach Resort provides cabanas and sun beds along the beachfront.

The resort also has a range of fun beach activities for it's guests to enjoy, such as canoeing, snorkeling and scuba diving.

You won’t find any vendors selling their wares on the beachfront, jet skis or speed boats.

Restaurants | Nightlife | Shopping

The only restaurants and bars you will find along the beachfront belong to the Andaman White Beach Resort.

Naturally the prices here are a bit more expensive compared to the restaurants along the nearby Nai Thon Beach.

The resort has a bar located directly on the beach that serves a variety of drinks and food including grilled sandwiched and pizzas.

Just back from the beach is the Coconut Bar which is open all day and is the perfect place to sit back, relax and watch the spectacular sunsets.

The best way to see the beach at Nai Thorn is to book into the Andaman White Resort or alternatively take a longtail boat ride from one of the other nearby beaches.

The best time to visit Nai Thorn beach is during the high season.

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