Flights to Phuket

With so many flights to Phuket, travelling to this Island paradise has never been easier.

From full service carriers to a range of budget airlines that offer cheap and affordable flights into Phuket International Airport.

How do you like to travel ?

  • Do you prefer the full service flight deals with extra leg room?
  • Or do you prefer to save money and fly on one of the many budget airlines that offer cheap flights, then spend that extra money that you saved on flights on your hotel or shopping?

Flights to Phuket - Aerial View

The choice is yours when you fly to Phuket.

Many travellers these days prefer direct flights without having to waste valuable holiday time in airport terminals waiting for a connecting flight.

Whilst there are several International airlines that fly direct to Phuket, you will find most International flights will have stopovers in major cities like Bangkok, Singapore or Kuala Lumpur with connecting flights onto Phuket.

Find Flights to Phuket

From Australia Jetstar offers direct flights into Phuket International airport from some Australian airports.

Check with the airlines for current flight information

Other airlines that fly to Phuket include: 

  • Thai Airways
  • Singapore Airlines
  • Qantas
  • Malaysian Airlines
  • Emirates

There is also a range of budget airlines that offer cheap flights such as Air Asia, China Air and Scoot to name a few that offer direct flights from their major cities onward to Phuket.

If you are travelling to Phuket via Bangkok here is some handy information to read about Bangkok Airport.

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