Wat Bang Riang

Temples in Phang Nga

Wat Bang Riang is an amazing hillside temple which is perched high in the mountains in Phang Nga Province.

I must admit Wat Bang Riang, also known as Wat Rat Uppatham was not on the top of my list of things to see when we were travelling around Phang Nga.

However my other half had other ideas and was quite excited about seeing this temple.

Wat Bang Riang in Phang Nga Province Thailand.

To explain why this temple, or any temple for that matter was not on my list of things to see, was because we had just spent weeks exploring temples in Laos, followed by a stopover to see more temples in Chiang Mai and I was what you could say “templed out”.

We decided to combine our visit to the temple and surrounding sights in Phang Nga Province on the same day we were to leave Khao Lak to drive south to Phuket.

The drive from Khao Lak to Wat Bang Riang took us well over an hour; the roads were good, just a little windy and narrow in parts but very scenic.

After getting lost a couple of times we eventually found the temple and to our amazement there was only one other car in the carpark.

Phra Mahathat Chedi Phutthathambanlue in Phang Nga.

The temple complex is large and well spread out; as you make your way from the carpark to the entrance you will see a large bell shaped Chedi which is called “Phra Mahathat Chedi Phutthathambanlue”.

The base of this massive Chedi is surrounded by niches of golden Buddha images.

Buddha Images inside the Chedi.

Inside the temple is just as impressive as the outside, so don’t forget to go in and have a look around.

Views from the viewing area at Wat Bang Riang.

On the right hand side of the temple is a large viewing area where you can take in the stunning scenery of Phang Nga and the remarkable images of “Kwan Yin”  and the massive seated Buddha further in the distance.

Kwan Yin the Goddess of Mercy or Compassion, stands tall in Phang Nga Province.

Kwan Yin who is pictured above is the Goddess of Mercy or Compassion and is very popular in Thailand because she is said to bring good luck.

Close up of the seated Buddha in Phang Nga.

Just beyond the image of Kwan Yin is yet another impressive image, this image is of Phra Nak Prok a large Golden Buddha which is in a seated position under the seven headed serpent Naga.

While the views of the surrounding mountains are absolutely stunning from the top, to fully appreciate the size of both these structures you will need to take a walk down the stairs.

Looking back towards the Chedi from the bottom of the stairs.

Going down the stairs was not so bad, but the climb back to the top is rather strenuous, especially the last section which are quite steep, but well worth the effort.

We spent at least an hour or more wandering around the temple grounds and can highly recommend it to other travellers.

Wat Bang Riang is just around one and a half hours drive from Khao Lak, or Krabi and around 2 hours from Phuket.

In the carpark you will find a restaurant, were you can grab some lunch or a cold drink.

Sorry I can’t comment on what the food was like, as we didn’t stop here for lunch. 

There are toilet facilities available near the restaurant.

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