Poy-Sian Nasal Inhalers

by Jeff

Poy-Sian Nasal Inhalers and Insect bite relief

Poy-Sian Nasal Inhalers and Insect bite relief

If you suffer from a stuffy head from going in and out of air conditioning and need to clear your senses you must grab some of these Poy-Sian Nasal Inhalers found in chemist's, 7 Eleven's and Family mart stores in Phuket.

They are great for clearing your head when flying also. Filled with a mixture of Eucalyptus Oil, Menthol Camphor and Borneol, with a use-by life of around 3 years (check the dates on the back of the pack) they are a great traveling companion to keep in your bag or pocket.

If your the type of person that attracts the bugs and forget to spray, these are great also as a relief when bitten. Screw the bottom off and dab on the bite, it works great.

You will find they cost around 18 baht each depending were you buy them or as we do by the strip of 10, as someone at home will always want one.

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