Phuket Tourist Police

When travelling around Phuket if you have any concerns contact the Phuket Tourist Police, they are located in all major tourist areas.

The Tourist Police are there to assist both foreign visitors to the Island as well as helping Thai's visiting from other parts of the country.

As from September 29th 2009, when you arrive at Phuket International Airport you will be able to pick up a bright red bookmark from the immigration counter.

Within the booklet are emergency contact numbers to call, including the Tourist Police hotline, hospitals, airports and taxi services as well as the TAT hotline.

What do the Tourist Police Do

  • Control and to protect criminal problems affecting International tourists
  • To provide both Thai and International tourists with the security and protection of their interests
  • To promote the Thai tourism industry

The duty of the tourist police is to help and care for tourists throughout Thailand.

They can advise tourists about how to take care of themselves, as well as alerting tourists to some common problems that they should be aware of when travelling throughout Phuket and Thailand.

How to contact the Tourist Police

Tel: 1155 and speak to a Thai and / or English speaking officer (24 hours).

Tel: 08 7008 5970 or 08 7987 3701 for assistance with translations

Address: 100 / 31- 32 Chalermphakeat R9 Road, Phuket Town, 83000

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