Phuket Limo Hire

Phuket Stretch Limo Hire

Travel in style with the only Phuket limo hire service currently offering a full service stretch limo.

Phuket Stretch Limo is a great alternative to the jam packed airport transfer buses or taxis when looking at options for your airport transfers in Phuket.

Travel instyle from Phuket airport in this stretch limo.

Phuket Stretch Limo offers seating for 8 to 9 guests to travel in style in their fully equipped limousine service.

The limo is fitted out with WiFi, a flat screen TV, a fully stocked bar, hostess and your uniformed professional driver to transport you safely to your destination.

Airport transfers are just one of the limousine services on offer.

Limo hire is available on a weekly, daily or even just for an hour to take you shopping or sightseeing to one of the many popular attractions in Phuket.

If you are planning a wedding in Phuket, limo hire will start your memorable day off in style.

Imagine being chauffeured from your hotel to the ceremony and then onto the photo shoot before heading to your planned reception in comfort and style .

An unforgettable way to travel to your wedding destination in Phuket.

See the sights of Phuket in comfort in this stretch limo.

Phuket limousine hire will work in with your wedding planner to plan the entire transport schedule for your wedding day and choose the right attire for your driver.

Imagine arriving at your wedding destination in Phuket in style  in a stretch limo.

I am unsure if this Phuket limo business is still operational.

If you are looking for further information about hiring a Limo you would be best to contact Easy Day Thailand to see if they can organise a Limo for you. 

Phuket Limo Hire & Events

  • Weddings in Phuket
  • Business, Corporate and VIP events
  • Bucks and hens parties
  • Airport transfers pick-up and drop off
  • Sightseeing and shopping tours

Stretch limos for corporate events and meetings.

Photo's courtesy Phuket Stretch Limo

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