Phuket Big Buddha

by Paula

We hired a car and ventured up to Nakkerd Hill to see this amazing Phuket Big Buddha viewpoint on our last holiday to Phuket.

We left reasonably early thinking that we would miss the traffic. When we reached the winding road we noticed lots of trucks and cars descending down the hill.

At first we didn't think much of it until we were half way up and we noticed a stream of cars and trucks full of locals lined up in front of us.

No one was moving anywhere, we were directed by a local to park the car. But there was no where to park except on the road, we eventually pulled over to the side and decided to walk.

There were thousands of locals heading to Big Buddha on that day, we walked from the Nakkerd Sea View Restaurant, which has some of the best views over Karon, Kata and north to Patong.

Our walk to Big Buddha seemed to take hours, it was incredibly hot with not much more than thongs on our feet.

We had to dodge cars, trucks and other people that were trying to make their way back down the hill.

We eventually did make it to the top and thoroughly enjoyed our time at the Big Buddha, along with thousands of others.

We tried to find out why there was so many people visiting Big Buddha on that day, but we had no luck finding out.

We can only assume it had something to do with the amount of Buddhist monks that were there.

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Feb 24, 2012
Loved Big Buddha

I went to the Big Buddha in January 2012 just before the sunset.

I took a taxi from Kata beach and it took me about 30 minutes to get to the top of the hill.

I was wearing a dress with open shoulders and a woman kindly offered me a beautiful scarf to cover myself, no charge of course.

The view was spectacular, its definitely one of the best attractions in Phuket, in fact if you have a limited time that's where I would recommend you to go!


May 27, 2010
Yep, Big Budha worth a visit
by: nParadise

I took my first trip to see the Big Budha late in the day (after 4PM) ...about 4 weeks ago in April, and had no traffic at all. I would completely recommend a visit and it'll be fun to make frequent trips to watch the completion. Needless to say, the views from the top are truly spectacular.

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