Phi Phi Activities & Travel Tips

By Paula Parker

There are loads of Phi Phi activities for you to enjoy.
Naturally most of the activities on the Island in some form or another will involve you getting wet.

Below is a list of the best activities on offer at Ko Phi Phi.

Phi Phi Activities

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 Phi Phi Activities & Fun Things to do

1. Scuba Diving at Phi Phi

Scuba Diving at the Phi Phi Islands

As the islands are surrounded by water one of the most popular Phi Phi activities is scuba diving.

As you will see there is definitely no shortage of dive spots or for that matter dive school companies to choose from.

Some dive sites are more suitable for beginners, while others are for more advanced divers.

To find out more about scuba diving around the waters off Ko Phi Phi contact our friends and experienced divers at Easy Day Thailand.

2. Snorkelling at Phi Phi

Snorkeling at Phi Phi Islands

For non divers, snorkelling is a must and can be done directly off some of the beaches on Ko Phi Phi Don such as Monkey Beach or Long Beach.

Or alternatively you take a private Phi Phi Island Tour  to go exploring other beaches and islands at Koh Phi Phi away from the crowds.

This fantastic tour includes 4 hours use of a private longtail boat and skipper, snorkelling gear, life jackets, refreshments and most importantly accident insurance. For further information contact Easy Day Thailand .

3. Go Snorkelling with Sharks

Snorkelling with sharks at Phi Phi island

If snorkelling with sharks is on your bucket list, add it to your list of Phi Phi activities.

The most popular spot for shark watching tours is just offshore from Long Beach on Ko Phi Phi Don.

You can join a tour that will teach you how to snorkel and swim with black tip reef sharks.

Or you can organise a long-tail boat driver to take you there. The best time to go is early in the morning.

4. Phi Phi Viewpoint

Incredible views from Pee Pee Viewpoint

A walk to Phi Phi viewpoint is one of the best things to do while staying on the Island. We have done the invigorating walk to the viewpoint a couple of times and I must say its one of our favorite activities..  

The hike to the top is not easy but well worth it once you are there. To see what the hike is like check out our videos of one of our walks to Pee Pee Viewpoint .

While most people make use of the long-tail boats to explore the islands and beaches there is also a few other hiking tracks among the hills for those who want to go hiking. 

5. Rock Climbing at Phi Phi

Rock Climbing at Phi Phi

There is also adrenaline pumping activities that you may want to try.

The sheer limestone walls on the islands are perfect for rock climbing.

Spidermonkey Climbing offers routes available for beginners as well as advanced climbers.

6. Cliff Jumping at Phi Phi

Cliff Jumping at Phi Phi Island

For those who are in search of extreme activities you could also try cliff jumping. 

This is not an activity I would try and it's definitely not for the faint hearted.

Apparently the Islands limestone cliffs provide the ultimate spot for cliff jumping.

7. Captain Bobs Sailing Booze Cruise

There are lots of activities and things to do on and around the islands including a fascinating trip aboard a sailing booze cruise.

This tour includes a visit to the following locations: 

  • Monkey Beach
  • Maya Bay
  • Loh Samah Bay
  • Pi Leh Bay
  • Viking Cave

As well as a range of activities including, cliff jumping, fishing, snorkeling and kayaking and after all that you get to sit back, relax and watch the sunset. Oh, I nearly forgot to mention that this tour includes an unlimited supply of beer. 

The list of Phi Phi activities and attractions is endless, you can do as much or as little as you like.

And if all the activities we have mentioned above seem like to much, you might prefer to take time out to pamper yourself with a relaxing Thai massage, aromatherapy, a facial or reflexology instead!

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