Parrot Bar in Bangla Road Patong Phuket

by Rod Walker
(Newcastle Australia)

The Parrot Bar, Bangla Road Phuket

The Parrot Bar, Bangla Road Phuket

This is just one of the many Bars along Bangla Road.
We found the Parrot Bar through friends we met at our Resort when we stayed in Phuket February 2010.
The first time we visited the Parrot Bar we were welcomed very warmly by one of the hostesses and ushered to a table, given a drink list and a nice cold refresher towel. We were told to ask for Luna by our friends, so we did. Luna is one of hostesses at the Parrot Bar. She came over to talk to us and from then on has become one of our good friends in Phuket, along with some of the other girls who work at the bar, Nang, Som, Noi and the owner Ying.
The Parrot Bar is located on a corner in Bangla Road and the tables are mostly on the side street, this gives it a perfect location to just sit and watch the never ending parade of people and characters on Bangla Road.
We visited other bars along this famous strip, but found ourselves gravitating back to the Parrot Bar for the friendly personal service.
We were fortunate enough to return to Phuket again in July 2010, This time catching up with Paula & Jeff the creators of this fantastic website. Paula and I went to school together and hadn't seen each other for around 15 years, so we organised to meet up at the Parrot Bar.
We actually met up in the foyer of our resort, The Patong Bay Garden Resort that is located right on Patong Beach and a short walk to Bangla Road, which was great. We headed out and made a B line to the Parrot Bar, and were all welcomed with open arms. It was great to be remembered by all of the girls at the bar, we were given the royal treatment, and had a fantastic evening catching up, chatting, drinking and lots of laughs.
I would highly recommend a night out at the Parrot Bar, Bangla Road, Patong.
Tell Luna, Rod & Ed sent you......

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Apr 06, 2016
Beware of the fake smiles
by: Anonymous

Only go to the Parrot Bar or any bar in Thailand for that matter with your husband, unless you want one of the bar girls to sleep with him behind your back. I knew the girl in question for a few years and every time I was in Thailand I was kind to her. I should have listened to the people who warned me, beware of the Thai girls smiles and kindness it's all fake and a con. Unfortunately my husband fell for it, in time he will learn what she is really like.

May 30, 2015

by: Paula

Unfortunately, this can and does happen and it's not just the Parrot Bar it can happen at.

People need to be aware that in many bars, the bar girls will want you to purchase them a drink.

Make it clear at the onset that you are not purchasing drinks for the bar girls just yourself.

Apr 20, 2015
R U Sick?
by: Anonymous

I love coming to Phuket every year with my friends. But this year was a real disappointment. Stopped at the Parrot Bar when after a couple of minutes the Thai girls working at the bar start yelling and fighting with a young man because he wouldn't pay for lady drink prices. He did not want to pay 200 baht for her orange juice. The cops came which made the problem bigger. Next thing you know, the young man was arrested. Forget the Parrot Bar.

Jan 04, 2015
by: jenny

I found the parrot bar in 2011, Ying the owner is an amazing lady, her staff Bee, Nutty,Pung,Mama,Aranya and the rest of the girls are most genuinely friendly caring, the service is above most. Ying also has another Parrot Bar around on Rathuthit Rd, same friendly welcoming service there. Highly recommend it, I've been back 4 years in a row and will go again this year to once again see my friends.

Oct 05, 2014
Dog Town
by: Anonymous

Went to both Parrot bars to discover one common fact. NO MONEY NO HONEY. If you have the dough, they love you to death.
But, buy drinks for yourself and you will have girls constantly bugging you to buy them LADY DRINKS.
I do not like being hounded. They measure Samsong shots. This bottle cost about 250 baht which gets about 22 shots which they sell for 80+ a shot. Clearly, they measure your worth.

Aug 05, 2014
Best bar in Patong
by: G

I keep going back to Phuket because of the warm friendly faces that greet me every day.
The Parrot bar is definately the best bar by a goldenmile in this neck of the woods.
Beautiful smiles all round.
Loads of laughs every minute.
Watch the nightlife of Bangla rd walk past.
Ill be back again next march, and I cant wait..

Jul 04, 2011


Mar 31, 2011
Loved It!
by: Michael

Went to the Parrot Bar in 2009 and was happy to have found it again this year (2011) after they had changed their location.
And its at a great spot where you sit back and watch the show that Bangla Road puts on every night.
The best thing about the Parrot Bar is the staff that work there.
Friendly, genuine people that just love to have a chat and a laugh with you. So many thanks to the staff for making it the place to be for me.

Would like to see an actual Parrot there next time tho:).

Moohan Iz A Crab!

Mar 21, 2011
Fantastic Place
by: Moohan

We just came back from a week in Patong, and found ourselves at Parrot Bar every-night watching the world go by. The girls working there are very friendly, genuine, welcoming people and really made our trip. Would recommend this place to friends.

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