Kamloops Canada: Outdoor Paradise

by Tammy
(Kamloops, Canada)

Is it the big one?

Is it the big one?

Kamloops is in the high country of interior British Columbia, Canada and is surrounded by water and mountains.

If you can do it in the water or on the mountain you can probably do it in or around Kamloops!

We've got the houseboat capital of Canada just an hour and a half drive from Kamloops on Shuswap Lake.

What a great way to spend a summer weekend (or a week!) motoring around in the great Kamloops sunshine!

We've got everything from quiet boat access only beaches to the great party beaches where a hundred or more houseboats land every night.

Shuswap Lake is also a great spot for vacation home rentals or camping.

There are boats for rent for water skiing, boarding, or tubing.

If you're looking for something a little quieter Kamloops has some sand river beaches right in town.

Kamloops has hundreds of little fishing lakes within an hour or two drive of the city and we're well known for the Kamloops Trout.

So bring your fishing gear and be prepared for some great action.

Sturgeon fishing is also an easy day trip from Kamloops - it's catch and release but it's pretty amazing to hook a ten foot 200 year old fish and fight it for two or more hours to bring it in.

Check out the picture above!!

Hiking, biking and trekking trails surround Kamloops up the river valleys and into the mountains.

We also have a fantastic downhill mountain bike park right in Kamloops.

Snow mobilers also love the mountains surrounding Kamloops that get great snow fall and sunny weather.

Sun Peaks isjust a forty minute drive from Kamloops is a world class ski resort with tons of winter and summer activities.

Skiing at Sun Peaks is some of the best in the world.

Sun Peaks Resort is the third largest ski resort in Canada with almost 2,900 feet of vertical!


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