Golf in Phuket

by Keith

Phuket Country Club Par 5, 10th Hole

Phuket Country Club Par 5, 10th Hole


In regards to playing golf in Phuket.

I have played in Bali but it cost me AUS$200.00, which I found was too much to pay.

How do I organise to play?

And is the Sheraton the only place to play?

Is it worth me bringing my golf clubs or is it too much hassle?

Where are the best courses to play and also Koh Sumai how much there to play?


Hi Keith

Phuket has some great golf courses but they all charge higher green fees compared to courses around Pattaya, Chaing Mai and north of Bangkok.

If you are staying at the Sheraton at Bang Tao beach you will have the Laguna Golf Course a short buggy ride that is set within the complex.

Not to far away by taxi you have the choice of Mission Hills Golf Club, or the Blue Canyon GC offering the Canyon and the Lakes course.

I have not had the pleasure of playing the Blue Canyon, Canyon course but I believe it is a good challenge.

When you add on your extras like club hire, caddy, tips, etc they will all cost around that $150 or more.

If you are staying down around Patong, Karon or Kata area and don't mind paying the slightly higher green fees, I would have to recommend the Red Mountain Golf Course.

Next to the Red Mountain Course is the Loch Palm GC, this course is not as challenging as Red Mountain but still a good day out, and they have a great offer for junior golfers if you go direct to their website.

A favorite of mine is the Phuket Country Club, a great course and it has the deadliest Par 5, the 10th for anyone that slices the ball.

Prices will start around the AUS$100 plus caddy, cart fees etc, with Phuket Country Club offering some good deals followed by Loch Palm GC or the more expensive Red Mountain GC.

With regards to club hire, when I thought I was a good golfer I would take my clubs with me, but now I just hire sets as they usually offer the latest clubs and some of them don’t come with the standard slice that my clubs at home do, lol.

Transport to the golf course can be arranged by booking online or I usually arrange a taxi to take me and pick me up or hire a car giving us the flexibility to do some more sight seeing after the game.

A good site to get price guides and to book if you don’t use the direct websites is

With regards to Koh Samui I believe their green fees are similar to Phuket, a good website to look at is

Safe Travels

Jeff & Paula

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