Polished Brass Kneeling Teppanom Angels

By Paula Parker

Pair of Brass Kneeling Teppanom Angels

You may of seen brass kneeling Teppanom Angels at the entrance to Buddhist temples or in restaurants as a welcoming symbol to all guests.

The Teppanom is a mythological angel and part of the Buddhist tradition in Thailand.

Kneeling Teppanom Angels are part of Thai mythology and can also be found in Royal Palaces in Thailand's.

Brass Teppanom Angels

Polished Brass Male & Female Kneeling Teppanom Mythology Angels

The kneeling Teppanom Angels are sold as a pair, one male and one female. They are:

  • Intricately hand carved from wax
  • Hand sculpted and finished in Thailand
  • Large: Measures 12" wide, 30" high and 11" deep each statue
  • Medium: Measures 8" wide, 24" high and 7" deep each statue
  • Small: Measures 5" wide, 13" high and 4" deep each statue
  •  X-Small Measures 3" wide, 9" high and 3" deep each statue
  • Weighs approximately 35, 25, 10, 2 lbs each statue respectively

The Kneeling Teppanom Angels can also be custom ordered in larger sizes of your choice and they also can be made in silver or multi-coloured.

Back view of Teppanom Angels

For further information about the brass Teppanom Angels, please visit Nongnit's Treasures Website

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