Beware of Timeshare Touts on the streets of Patong Beach Karon and Kata beach Phuket

by Jeff

Everyone goes on holidays to relax, wind down and enjoy themselves, unfortunately some see this as a great time to catch you with your guard down and try and sell you a slice of paradise.

Every morning on the streets of Patong, along Patong beach and Karon and Kata beach the time share touts get out on their bikes and chase down every tourist they can find and all with a friendly, how are you today smile. They all want to be your friend as their commission hangs on how well they decive you.

Be warned they are good and they are trained well not to take NO as an answer. Every scratchy is a winner, if only a T Shirt and the lair of only taking up 30 minutes to an hour of your time is a con.

The scary part is that the real hardcore sales people are waiting to work their trade following a well prepared sales script to get you to sign up to a time share TODAY, not wait and see, but TODAY.

And if the sales person is not going so well, they will always bring out some aurogant pushy boss to try and close the sale.

Do yourself a favour, politely say no thanks I'm not interested, if that doesn't work then just tell them to P--S Off.

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Sep 22, 2014
Rip off
by: Anonymous

Yea beware of the crowd in Patong Beach Club they are so out to get people, "free holiday is fake"!!!!

May 21, 2011
Kata Presentation
by: Anonymous

Don't be fooled they all the same.......

The timeshare presentation we sat through was at Kata.

All persons involved seemed nice at first, offering coffee and cold drinks. It was quiet interesting to watch how their attitude changed from being nice to down right rude when you want to leave before they get their sale.

And then when you ask for your major prize, funny enough there are none left except of course a free holiday, as was said in a previous comment the holiday would be almost impossible to claim.

May 12, 2011
Been had too
by: Anonymous

First day of our holiday, we were told that we had won a major prize on one of these scratchies, and told it would take 1 hour for the presentation.
Major prizes included a camera, a video recorder, a laptop, 20,000 baht and a holiday.
We sat through the presentation for 4 hours only to be told we could buy timeshare holiday for $20,000 Australian dollars. I nearly back handed the guy. And yes as mentioned the pushy boss came out to try and close the sale and offered us the timeshare deal for $15,000 Australian dollars. Once we finally convinced them we were not millionaires and asked for our major prize we were informed all the major prizes had been claimed already except for a holiday that needed to be reclaimed in such a way it was almost impossible to claim.
Don't let these people pull you away from the true beauty of Phuket.

May 02, 2011
Timeshare is not for everyone but...
by: Anonymous

While some timeshare may be like that don't judge everybody the same. I work at Kata every person who attends a tour/presentation receives a spectacular gift.
We are told to tell the truth....
There is no pressure, no hard sell and everyone generally leaves happy.
I've had couples thank me after the presentation and they had received their FREE without obligation gift.

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