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Phuket Secrets, Issue #22 -- Whats on in Phuket during September 2011
September 01, 2011

Phuket Travel Secrets

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Phuket Travel Secrets brings you the latest additions to our travel secrets and what is happening in Phuket.

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Phuket Secrets Ezine


Issue No 22, 1st September 2011

Hello and welcome to this issue of Phuket Travel Secrets monthly e-zine

Most visitors to Phuket come to spend there much deserved vacation basking on one of the many beautiful beaches, enjoying the sun and the warm tropical waters of the Andaman Sea. Unfortunately the weather plays an important part in planning what we can do and see and with all the recent rain in Phuket we thought it would be a good time to share with you a few activities and things to do and see if it is raining in Phuket during your stay.

Long before Phuket became the popular tourist hub that it is renowned for today it was once a major tin-producing centre, the Phuket Mining Museum showcases Phuket's tin mining history and the lives of the Chinese miners of the era. A visit to the Museum is an interesting and informative way to learn some of the local history and culture. The mining museum is located between Loch Palm Golf Club and the British international school in Kathu and is open daily from 9am to 4pm. Entry fees are 100 Baht per adult; and 50 baht per child under 15 years.

This is just one of the many museums in Phuket that are worth a visit, there are also many beautiful temples, the largest and most visited is Wat Chalong, located on Chao Fa West Road, about eight kilometres South of Phuket Town.

If your traveling with kids and it is raining, here is our list of the best rainy day activities that we have found that keep both the kids and the parents happy.

Most activities in Phuket do involve water; however there are also lots of other interesting and fun things you can do when it rains. You may like to join in a Thai cooking class, or indulge with a relaxing spa treatment or take in a show at Simon Cabaret or FantaSea.

There is also a fantastic range of adventurous activities such as climbing through the tree tops at XtremeAventures Phuket or Zorb balling at Phuket Rollerball , or for nature lovers and fishing enthusiasts go freshwater fishing at Phuket Fishing Park, there’s no reason why anyone should ever be bored in Phuket.

There are many benefits of planning your holiday to Phuket in the low season, yes you may have to put up with a day or two of rain, but on the other hand there won’t be the massive crowds on the beach or in the shops or restaurants.

One of the biggest benefits especially when you are traveling as a family is the low cost room rates that are available, so keep your eye out for the best deals and special offers from Agoda.

What’s on in Phuket during September 2011

From the 27th September to the 5th October, visitors can witness the truly bizarre and extreme purification rituals and join in the celebrations of the Phuket Vegetarian Festival. Warning this festival is not for the faint-hearted; try not to cringe as you watch devotees walk barefoot over hot coals, climb ladders with razor-sharp rungs or by piercing different parts of their bodies with iron needles and sharp blades. The vegetarian festival mainly takes place around Phuket Town and the Chinese shrines in Phuket, a must see is the amazing street processions.

If you would like a personalized tour of the Phuket Vegetarian Festival contact Chaya at Phuket Heritage Trails, but be quick numbers will be limited.

For readers who are planning a wedding in Phuket and want to arrive in style, check out the services provided by Phuket Stretch Limo, they can also arrange airport transfers, shopping and tours in style.

Important travel tips when holidaying in Phuket

Even though Phuket is generally a very safe place to spend your much awaited holiday or family vacation there are certain things you should be cautious of.

During the low season, monsoon winds can bring large waves and very dangerous undercurrents to some of Phuket’s west coast beaches. When conditions are dangerous lifesavers will place red flags on the beach to warn people of the dangerous conditions.

If there is a red flag flying on the beach, play it safe and don’t go in the water…..

Carefully think about your safety and the implications of accidents if you decide to hire a motorcycle or jet ski in Phuket. Jet ski riders are often victims of major scams that can turn out to be a very costly experience. Before you go on your holiday to Phuket you should check with your travel insurer whether these types of activities are covered by your policy.

Drink spiking can and does occur in Phuket, as well as other popular destinations in Thailand, so never leave your drink unattended.

It's also recommended to only carry enough money on your person when you go out at night, and to make sure to leave your passport and credit cards locked up in the room safe. Your passport is a valuable document that is attractive to criminals who may try to use your identity to commit crimes. It should always be kept in a safe place. If your passport is lost or stolen overseas, you should report it immediately to your Embassy or Consulate.

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We hope that you have enjoyed this issue of Phuket Travel Secrets e-zine.

Enjoy your travels

Jeff & Paula


Phuket Travel Secrets

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