Phuket Zorb Balling

By Paula Parker

Rollerball Zorbing near Patong

If you love to laugh then Phuket Zorb balling has to be one of the best activities and fun things to do in Phuket.

The team at Phuket Rollerball Zorbing have just what you are looking for, located in the hills overlooking the beautiful Kalim Beach, just 5 minutes from Patong.

Phuket Zorb Balling.

There are few words to describe the thrill of riding down a hillside, totally out of control in an over grown water filled plastic ball.

Its a great way to add some excitement to any holiday. You will find yourself screaming and laughing all the way down the hill, but the laughs don't stop there.

Just wait until you try to get out of the ball.

That is another experience altogether.

Rollerball Zorbing Phuket

The team at Phuket Rollerball Zorbing have put together one of the longest Zorb ball runs of 190 meters in length.

There is a choice of the straight hill run or the more adventurous twister run.

Zorb balling in action, here they come.

If you are looking for one of the best activities and fun things to do in Phuket, then make your way and have lots of fun at Phuket Zorb balling.

Phuket Zorb balling is an ideal rainy day activity, sun or rain your going to get wet anyway.

How to get there

Getting there is easy.

If your staying in Patong, just give the team at Phuket Rollerball a call, they offer a free pickup service from Patong.

Or alternatively barter with your friendly tuk tuk driver for the best price for a return trip to Kalim beach area.

During high season it may be best to call Phuket zorb balling first and book in advance or just sit back and enjoy the views until its your turn.

Stunning views from the top of the run at Rollerball Zorbing Phuket.

For those that are more adventurous try doing a run on your own, standing up inside the ball, my best has been about 10 meters, let us know how far you go?

Take your swimmers, a towel and I will guarantee you will have the biggest smile after your first run that you will be lining up to go for a 2nd run.

I have posted prices below, however if you do only one or two runs it works out a little expensive, so I would be inclined to pay for 6 runs as overall it works out to be more affordable.

You will get wet, so you may want to bring a change of clothes.

Believe me, zorb balling in Phuket is so much fun.

Zorb Ball Pricing & Inclusions

  • 1,950 Baht for 6 rolls down the hill - (Best Value)
  • 1,350 Baht for 2 rolls down the hill
  • 950 Baht for 1 roll 

Included in the price is free ice cream and photos as well as transfers for those staying in Patong. 
There are onsite lockers to put your belongings in as well as toilets, showers and a change room.

Phuket Zorb Balling Contact Details

Phone: 0898 726 532 or 0848 467 063


Location Map Of Phuket Rollerball

Phuket Rollerball location map.

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